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Yelena Valer'evna Moskovich

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Tyler McWilliams

Born and raised in the cruel, unforgiving suburbs of Massachusetts, McWilliams decided to ramble on to where the weather suited his clothes…or at least suited his apathy towards putting on clothes. After graduating from Emerson College in 2007, he moved to Los Angeles for writing work and, as Woody Guthrie put it, “Slept under every important bridge there.” He was a staff development writer for two years, but, after traveling around Europe for three months, relocated to Brooklyn, NY where his quest continues to this day. Tyler’s aim is to inject a little soul into the cool concrete, pour a little love into the curbside trash piles, and keep on crafting words like his life depends on it. Because, until the rent is paid, it does.

Drew Larimore

Larimore is the originator of the undergraduate-based playwrights group The Red Hand Collective, consisting of seven on-campus ambitious playwrights. His one-acts have been produced with Circle East Theatre Company and Love Creek Productions in New York City, and his mini-musical Whahoo! is published through Heuer Publishing Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His ten-minute play The Quintessential Rapport was a finalist for the National Ten Minute Play Competition and has written the EVVY award winning script, Touch.

Elizabeth Jacobs

Interior Artist- Jacobs graduated with a painting degree from MassArt in 2005. She is currently residing in Boston MA, where she pursues her artistic endeavors. She can be contacted via e-mail at lajacabs82@yahoo.com

Hale Ekinci

Interior Artist- Ekinci was born in Turkey in 1984. After going to a unique boarding school for talented and fited children in Turkey, she was admitted to Connecticut College, CT, on full scholarship. For more information, check out http://oak.conncoll.edu/heki/.

Jeannie Dunnigan

Interior Artist- Dunnigan is an artist living in Newburyport, MA. Dunnigan is inspired by people and the abundance of recycled materials. Her work can be seen at www.jeanniedunnigan.com

Adam S. Doyle

Puppet Logo Designer- Doyle has returned to his hometown of Boston after lives in Providence, Rome, and Los Angeles. He is a freelance illustrator who endeavors towards nothing more than simple beauty and sharp wit through the lines of an honest pencil. Doyle founded the literary/arts site coredmonthly.com where you can see more of his handiwork, as well as at adamsdoyle.com

Zach Craley

Craley hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He graduated from Emerson with a B.A. in Film and minors in Writing and Photography. His original works have been performed in New Mexico and Massachusetts. He's worked in New York and Boston as a graphic designer, producer and video editor. He is currently asst. to executive producers of Heroes.

William Cleveland

Interior Artist- Cleveland is available to create original art and is becoming increasingly prolific. The inspiration for his art is his own personal anxieties and failures. He is 27 years old.

Stephen Christy

Co-editor/Production Manager/Art Director- Christy was born and raised in Chicago. He graduated from Emerson with a B.A. in TV/Video and a minor in Photography. Outside of Emerson he's worked for Marvel Comics, Devil's Due Publishing, Northern Light Productions, Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions, and Yaargh, Matey! Productions, an independent film/video/graphic design production company he co-founded three years ago. He would like to dedicate his work in Thread to his sister, Dana. Christy is currently the director of development for Archaia Studios Press in LA.

Hannah Borkowski

Borkowski enjoys the Theatre of the Absurd and hopes to one day twerk it in a Ying Yang Twins video.

Kurt Ankeny-Beauchamp

Interior Artist- Ankeny-Beauchamp is an illustrator and comic book artist currently at work on his first graphic novel, The Bridgepainter's Daughter. He combines influences from masters of the renaissance, of Edo-period Japan, and of modern comics and illustration to forge his style. He currently resides in Washington DC after stints in California, Japan, and Wisconsin, his home state. More of his work can be viewed at www.1sqft.net.

Sam Ackerman

Interior Artist- Originally from Chicago, Sam graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration. For more information on Sam's work please visit homepage, http://web.me.com/samackerman/Site/Home.html

Quinn Therriault

Therriault is a senior Anthropology major, Art History minor at SUNY Purchase College in New York.

Nicholas Murphy

Murphy graduated with a BFA VMA - Writing for Film and Television and BA Theatre Studies- Directing major. He was also in the HOnors and Overssers Mentoring Programs. In addition to being on the Thread staff and a Thread director he was heavily involved with Rareworks on the Executive Board and as Treasurer. For Rareworks he has produced I Hate Hamlet, I Do! I Do! and he directed Five Women Wearing the Same Dress in Fall 2008. When not at Emerson you can find him in Entertainment at Walt Disney World. He competed many years in Florida Thespian competitions, advancing from district to state competitions in monologues, ensemble acting, and playwriting. He is a member of the National Thespian Society.

Dan Masso

Masso is a graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently a freelance illustrator and has worked as an editorial intern at Marvel Entertainment. To see more of his art, check out www.danmasso.com

Valerie Maloof

Maloof is a senior WLP student. She is dying to: see a celebrity on the streets of Boston, learn to spell, start a blog and get over trepidation of chocolate pudding. xoxo

Carly Lavoie

Lavoie really likes words and words like Carly Lavoie.

Jamie Gormly-Rack

Gormly-Rack has hippie tendencies. Aside from bartending, serving BBQ and having a great tim with his family, he enjoys local art shows. The college years have come to an end for him recently but he will kindly remember Emerson and those which he was smiling. Thank you Thread!

Greg Goodness

Goodness is a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles, California. He also writes sketch comedy for The Burbank Historical Preservation Society, which can be found at www.thebhps.com.

Ren Walker

Walker prefers to bike since she is a walking disaster, but she has been known to skip. More of her work can be seen at www.renwalker.com

Caitlin Reilly

Reilly is a recent graduate of Emerson College. She sends her best to writers everywhere. Should the Thesaurus ever go extinct (Roget forbid), we'll still have each other.

Charles Pieper

Pieper is currently living in North Hollywood where he makes stop motion animated music videos for bands. He is an Emerson College graduate but has also studied film at NCSA, CalArts, and FAMU in Prague. His main focus is stop motion animation and older fashioned handmade filmmaking techniques. To see more of Pieper, visit http://www.vimeo.com/cpieper

Sam Perzanowski

Perzanowski was born in the rugged wilderness of Vermont and has been writing ever since he was a kid. He has graduated Emerson College with experience in animation and motion media. He also really enjoys a nice bowl of beef stew.

Lila Louise Nawrocki

Nawrocki graduated from Emerson with B.A.'s in Film and Theater Studies. She won Wild Sound's One Page Screenplay Competition for "Speedy Checkout." She won the EVVY for Best Prose for her short story "Turning Tricks."She has also been fortunate enough to be a semi-finalist in the Eugene O'Neill Playwright's Confrence as well as being an ARTS Merit Award Winner. Her play, "Will", is currently published through Playscripts, Inc. Lila's works have been a part of Thread since the very beginning and she'll be forever grateful that it exists...and with that, it's on to her next big adventure!

Sean McDonough

McDonough has a B.A. in TV/Radio and Writing, Literature and Publishing. When at home in Merrick, Long Island, he starts every day by going out to the beach to keep an eye out for incoming frozen dictators. He is allso the writer for the 2006 "It Came From the Vault" festival winner "A Fatal Fiction."

Travis Maruska

Maruska (Faculty Spotlight Screenwriter) received his MFA in Screenwriting from Chapman UNiversity while working in Hollywood at Creative Artists Agency and writing scrips with his managers at Alter/Sun Management. His script, Apache Son, was a semifinalist in the 2004 Nicholl's and American Zoetrope competitions. Over the past four years he has written several features, two pilots, and had more treatments than he would care to remember. He currently teaches at Emerson College and Anna Maria College.

David Lawson

As a playwright, David Lawson’s production history includes Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Emerson Stage, Boston. April 2006), Snap (July 2007, Stratford Summer Theatre Festival, Stratford, CT), Intergalactic Circadian Rhythm (August 2007, Boston Playwrights’ Theater), Use Ravenously in a Sentence (March 2008, Rareworks Theater, Boston), Public Service (February-March 2009, Alive Theater, Long Beach, CA. L.A. Weekly 'Pick of the Week') and A Progressive Person (July 2009, Boca Raton Theatre Guild, FL), LoCo SloMo PoMo (January 2010, Providence Players of Fairfax, VA). Lawson also co-wrote and starred in the short film Peaches, which screened at the 2009 Chicago Underground Film Festival.

Lawson is the winner of the 2006 Rod Parker Playwriting Fellowship (Boston), won Honorable Mention in the 2007 E-Merging Writers Playwriting Competition (NYC) and the 2009 Long Beach Gazette Award for Playwriting. Lawson has placed as a Finalist in the 2008 Capital T Theatre Monologue Competition (Austin, TX), the 2009 Flour City New Play Festival (Rochester, NY), the 2009 Great Plains Theatre Conference (Omaha, NE) and was a 2009 WordBRIDGE Semi-Finalist (Clemson, SC).

Lawson’s work has been developed with the Pulse Ensemble Theatre (NYC), The Meat and Bone Theatre Company (NYC), at The Painted Bride Arts Center (Philadelphia), The Creative Forum (NYC), The Playwrights’ Center (MN) and has been featured at the 2007 Middle America Theatre Festival's Playwriting Symposium (Minneapolis, MN), and Bug Theatre's 2007 New Playwrights Festival (Denver).

As an actor, Lawson has performed professionally with Reality Aside Theatre (NYC), TheatreVision (NYC), the Looking Glass Theatre Company (NYC), Zeitgeist Stage Company (Boston), The Peterborough Players (Peterborough, NH), Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre (Ferrum, VA), CLIMB Theatre (St. Paul, MN) and the Bread and Puppet Theater (Glover, VT).

Lawson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting and Directing from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and studied at the O'Neill National Theater Institute in Waterford, Connecticut.

Lawson's upcoming solo show "FLOUNDERING ABOUT (in an age of terror)" plays Thurs Feb 25th (9PM), Sat Feb 27th (2:30PM),
Sun Feb 28th (4PM), Wed March 3rd (6PM) and Sat March 6th (7PM) at UNDER St Marks (94 St Marks Place between 1st Avenue and Avenue A) in New York City. Tickets are available through SmartTix (212-868-4444, www.smarttix.com) for $7.

Jessica Kucinskas

Kusinskas graduated with a B.A. in New Media and a minor in Marketing Communications. For more information on Kusinskas, go to tiwwi.com

Kristen Humbert

(Design Editor) Humbert is a graduate of Emerson College with a B.A. in WLP. She has a passion for all things scripted and chocolate milk, as well as a deep affection for CVS and house plants.

Sarah Henderson

Henderson is studying graphic design. She loves spending hours at coffee shops drawing and people watching. Perhaps she will one day live in NYC to see what all the fuss is about. For more information, go to sarahcaitlindesign.com

MJ Halberstadt

Halberstadt is BA Theatre Education 2010. Winner of 2009 Young Playwrights Inc National Playwriting Conference for 'Video is an Endangered Species', historian for RareWorks Theatre Company. He has independently produced his plays 'Lethologica', directed by Elizabeth Hagerty and 'Asymmetry', directed by Brenna Fitzgerald. He is currently working on a 365 Plays in 365 Days blog a la Suzan-Lori Parks. For information on Halberstadt, go to http://mj365plays.blogspot.com.

Eva "E.W" Gross

(Executive Editor) Gross is currently a book buyer for a children's book store and a writer for a local paper in Virginia. She enjoys bread, brightly colored items, and the occasional bad film. She is consistently taller than she thinks and sometimes harasses strangers with an unplanned game of water bottle soccer on the sidewalks of Boston. She is a nice kid, though, and will always tell you she is lying if you look like you believe her. Oh, and she writes, too.

Andrew Eisenberg

Eisenberg spends the vast majority of his life in the digital realm. His own writing ranges from memoir to travel to screenwriting and knows first hand how difficult the writing process is.

Thom Dunn

Dunn has business cards that read, "Rock Star. Super Hero. Poet." Thom Dunn likes whiskey. Thom Dunn is not a number. Thom Dunn is a free man! He is currently the web content and new media manager at the Huntington Theatre Company. To see more of Thom Dunn check out http://fivebyfivehundred.wordpress.com/

Traci Leigh Doromal

(Marketing Director) Doromal graduated with a degree in Marketing Communications in 2008.

Wendy Jane Cohen

(Treasurer) Cohen has written for two Emerson Channel shows, and has been published in Gauge and EM Magazine.

Eric Chang

Chang (Layout Editor) Chang is a writer and college senior film major (Korean-American, 21, 5'11", Virgo) seeks personable mate who shares his distate for emotional instability and monotheism. Enjoys power, constitutional law, all foods Thai/Indian/of terrestrial origin, Scandinavia, and cuddling. Often writes stories concerning a) the loss of innonence and/or b) escapism in the face of death. Feels he has shared too much about himself. Worried.

Josie C. Campbell

Campbell is an Emerson alumni and current freelance writer. While at Emerson she was a writer for, and president of, the comedy troupe Chocolate Cake City; she was also the recipient of the Joe Murphy Comedy Award and the Penelope Hirsch Student Director Award. Josie moved to L.A. in 2008 to work as a writer for the Warner Brothers Creative Lab, and has stayed in California ever since. You can see her work, writings, and upcoming shows on her website: www.CozyJamble.com

Dina Sartore-Bodo

(Asst. Editor) Bodo graduated with a degree in T.V. Production. During her time at Emerson. she worked on countless projects including the original season of Daily Grind, EIV Music Videos, and Browne at Midnight.